“I loved the workshop and the structure. The facilitators where awesome and knowledgeable! The children stayed active, and enjoyed participating. Eric L. Jones, Sr. was very articulate and heartfelt about his message. Adonis Reddick helped, and structured the North County workshop. He helped the children on tasks, and Eric stayed focused on the kids. The workshop is truly a God send, and can truly help children express their emotions and feelings.” -Erica Phillips, Partners in Policymaking

Writing for the Soul Workshop™ offers schools, churches, and nonprofits a unique opportunity to go above and beyond the Common Core Standards in helping students create “habits of mind” -both intellectually and emotionally. Aligned to the same principles as the Common Core, our curriculum walks students through an entirely new set of skills. Skills like: creative writing, storytelling, public speaking -even marketing and sales of the work they write.  The best part is that during our workshop students are immersed in a one of a kind writing as therapy program that helps them to get what is on the inside …out.

Our core program philosophy is based on the fact that powerful emotions have a powerful voice; and that when we get what is on the inside out, we take control of those feelings, and make smarter behavior choices as a result. Dr. Stevie Dawn agrees with us, which is why TGIM included her in our certification process and curriculum. As an expert on Emotional Intelligence, here’s what she said:

“Human beings have emotions. When we fight our emotions, we usually end up getting ourselves in trouble. Experiencing the emotion is one thing; using emotions to make decisions is a whole other thing. You need to be able to experience the emotion and be aware enough to identify the emotion you are feeling. This allows you to be more authentic and honest with yourself and to increase your self-confidence and self-esteem.”Stevie Dawn Inspires

Writing for the Soul Workshop™ offers students the opportunity to put their learning into action, to become published authors and to build their financial independence.  In addition to this impact on students, Writing for the Soul Workshop™ offers school districts the resources to adapt the curriculum to their specific district, school, or even individual students needs. Our curriculum includes adapted lesson plans and activities for Individuals with Differential Abilities, focused on what they can accomplish, not their “special needs.”

Leora Jackson (right) completed the required certification to offer Writing for the Soul Workshop™ in Fayetteville, AR

Writing for the Soul Workshop™ addresses not just educational outcomes, but emotional and physical needs as well. Here are the wow factors experienced by participants in Writing for the Soul Workshop™:

· Experience writing as therapy

· Access to Writing for the Soul Workshop™ Online

· Nutritious meals and snacks

· Lasting, positive friends and mentors creating an ongoing network of support

· Increased proficiency in both reading and writing

· Participants become published Authors, and can promote that skill on every future resume and job application

· Participants earn royalties based on individual book sales

· Participants establish strong accomplishments that will help with future entry into colleges and the job market

These unique wow factors go beyond helping students develop a love of writing, they produce long-term behavioral changes and helps participants make positive life choices. While it may seem incredible that a writing workshop can impact behavior so dramatically, Writing for the Soul Workshop™ is more than just a writing workshop, it is an opportunity for individuals to see a different perspective, to interact with others that truly care about them and their story, and to know that telling their story opens up new opportunities.

Book a Writing for the Soul Workshop™ Expo today for only $499, and let us pair you with a certified provider to conduct a two-day workshop experience.  If you like the Expo, then add our Writing for the Soul Workshop™ program as a viable component to what your organization already has in place, or donate it to a local nonprofit in your community. We’ve developed certifications for online or onsite delivery with timelines that meet your organization’s needs.

Contact us at 1.682.235.TGIM (8446) Expo, or to discuss implementing our program as a viable component to what your school or organization already has in place.

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