“Quality is not an act, it is a habit.” Aristotle

When most business leaders think of Quality Assurance, they think of things like product testing, or unscheduled inspections.  In today’s new information economy, quality assurance is so much more.  When a program impacts the lives of our most precious resources, our children, it becomes imperative to have an uncompromising commitment to the quality of our program.

At TGIM, we believe that meeting the rigorous guidelines of our program is a non negotiable element.  We strive to ensure that everyone involved in our programs receives the same amazing experience, regardless of whether they access the program from their homes, their schools, or their community centers, whether in the US or abroad.  We have proven processes that deliver amazing results, when followed correctly.

The importance of the quality of our programming is a key reason that TGIM Digital Publishing created the role of Quality Assurance Manager.  Our program requires high standards, and ensuring these standards are met at every level is a cornerstone of our brand integrity.  As our Quality Assurance Manager, Gedalyah oversees all areas of company operations, assumes responsibility for company’s success and achievement of financial goals. He is also responsible for driving sales and business through development.

This is an exciting time for us, as we work to expand our staff, and support our growing global customer base.  Recently, we filled the position of Community Coordinator in TGIM Africa. We are currently looking to fill positions for a Business Development Manager, and Community Coordinators here in the US and Australia. TGIM is a mobile brand, so you can set your own hours, and can work from the comfort of home.  These positions are perfect for college students, and stay-at-home care givers.

Gedalyah was seeking something that no amount of money, or milestone was able to fill. He found it here at TGIM. Is that you too?  Then do something different …do something amazing. Email us and request more information about the job opportunities we have available. Send your email to info@tgimonline.us or call us toll-free at: 855.377.TGIM. –Eric L. Jones, Sr., TGIM CEO

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