1985, Carlbrough, Yorkshire. Seventeen-year-old Deborah Rawlings is finally about to escape Colditz Camp, aka the Ogilvie household. Now fate is on her side… for once.

Her parents made a big mistake; those low to average exam grades were not a reflection of poor academic ability nor an indicator of lack of ambition. Pushing her into secretarial work could have serious consequences for all sorts of reasons – not least the fact that men in suits produce a frightening allergic reaction in her.

Cousin Jen’s invitation to flatshare in booming ’80s London offers the perfect opportunity to find a job and save up to study A-levels, and taste freedom. At first, everything seems to be falling into place, until a series of strange and unsettling incidents at the new flat trigger old anxieties and terrors. Someone or something doesn’t want her there. Temp work makes her ill and she can’t sleep at night, watching and listening for the predator. Jen is oblivious to ‘reality’ and their strained relationship comes to a head with the publication of photos of Deborah in a magazine.

Homeless, virtually penniless, there’s no way she could have foreseen how the past would come back to haunt her, and nearly destroy her.

A mystery unsolved

A life shattered

A heart broken

A soul lost

A spirit that will never give in

This story is Debs’ story.

Written for the young people,

the ones who still stand a chance.

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