From Elsie’s thrillers -to Paul’s inspiring and encouraging books, it safe to say TGIM offers wholesome books for the entire family. TGIM also publishes books not ranked in traditional circles in our industry. A genre we refer to as “Cathartic Literature” sometimes referred to as ‘misery lit’ category which is biographical in nature, and usually about the impact of traumatic events in the writer’s life, and the impact of dealing with those experiences.

We consider our focus “cathartic lit” because our writing program experience tells us that these stories are that of catharsis, or discharge of pent-up emotions so as to result in the alleviation of symptoms or the permanent relief of the condition caused by traumatic experiences.

As a publisher, you could say that our Writing for the Soul Workshop™ along with our Peers Pencils & Pages™ program fills the need for books about trauma and abuse with deeper meanings to them. Books that leave the reader feeling inspired. Like the caterpillar whose cathartic change becomes the most beautiful of butterflies, our books will leave you inspired and changed, like the authors that penned them.

Our Core Values:    P. A. C. E.

Peer— A heart that values every Peer participating in our writing programs every day. TGIM Digital Publishing would not exist without them.

Authors— A daily acknowledgment that our Authors are one of our most valuable resources. We are committed to fostering a customized platform for them where they can thrive.

Customers— A company wide attitude that recognizes that Customer satisfaction is everything, while providing an outstanding balance of value, selection, and services.

Ethical— A responsibility to conduct our business using good Ethics with un-compromising honesty and integrity.

TGIM Digital Publishing LLC is organized as a Limited Liability Company in the state of Missouri with a DBA Certificate in the State of Texas.

Writing for the Soul Workshop™ and Peers Pencils & Pages™ is an imprint owned by TGIM Digital Publishing LLC. An imprint is defined as a name, title, or other designation by which all or certain specific books of a publisher are identified.

All of the content generated by Writing for the Soul Workshop™, Peers Pencils & Pages™, its Certified Providers, Participants, and Affiliates is owned solely by TGIM Digital Publishing LLC.

Support Us

Our Writing for the Soul Workshop™ program is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non‐profit arts service organization. Contributions for the charitable purposes of Writing for the Soul Workshop™ must be made payable to “Fractured Atlas” and are tax‐deductible to the extent permitted by law.

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