“This is the next generation of leaders for our country …” -John Barry, President and CEO of The Boys and Girls Club of Metro Denver

Writing for the Soul Workshop™ was first labeled an Academic Success Program by the Boys & Girls Club Musgrave Unit in Springfield, MO. Once our volunteers were approved to come in and offer Writing for the Soul Workshop™ to Club members, we began implementing the program as a viable component to the mental health programs already in place.

This gave their club members an opportunity to get what is on the inside… out, and to experience writing as therapy. After the first monthly report, Musgrave Unit Director,  Jeff Long saw that his members were not only writing, but that they where accessing our curricula as well and learning how to become better writers.

Abrianna with the Mayor
A’Brianna is pictured here signing an autograph of “The Bully Diaries” for her Mayor. A’Brianna is now published after successfully completing our program at the Boys & Girls Club Musgrave Unit.

Our program differs from other “writing as therapy” type programs. Participants have the opportunity to become published authors, and earn an income based on a self-created marketing strategy with expert advice like some of the members from the Musgrave Unit that are published in The Bully Diaries. These long-term educational & financial opportunities creates a strong desire to continue moving forward, and to keep making positive life choices. Ask for The Bully Diaries at your favorite book store, or purchase it directly from us in our store.

After piloting Writing for the Soul Workshop™ at the Musgrave Unit in Springfield, the city’s mayor had this to say, “Every community needs a program like this.” -Mayor Robert Stephens, City of Springfield

Offer our program in your community.

TGIM Digital Publishing is done with piloting and testing Writing for the Soul Workshop™. With a proven program, we are now in position to help youth learn outside the parameters of school in a safe place we’ve created online -while contributing to the economy in their local communities.

We’ve also created an affordable certification program that empowers you to facilitate Writing for the Soul Workshop ™ in your community. Youth will love it! During certification, you’ll also write your story for the option of publishing in our summer release: ‘Walk a Mile In My Shoes‘.

Making an impact begins at home. Would you like to offer our program at your local Boys & Girls Club, or at a location after school in your community? It’s easy! We’ll train you and give you all the tools you need to be successful. Make an impact in your community today. Simply complete the Contact Form below, and we’ll send you a registration packet to get you started.

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