TGIM says “Y.E.P.” to President Trump’s proposed 2018 Budget

No one wants to think that their tax money is being “wasted” through inefficient programs and bloated government agencies.  Making the government “efficient” sounds like a noble goal. Creating a new generation of jobless youth with fewer resources to learn marketable skills is the true result of the current proposed budget.  As reported by the Atlantic “The 2018 budget details around $500 million in cuts for the department (of Labor), which likely means that programs for disadvantaged workers, including seniors, youths, and those with disabilities, would be reduced or completely eliminated. The Senior Community Service Employment Program, training grants at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and technical-assistance grants at the Office of Disability Employment Policy would all disappear. Job-training centers for disadvantaged children would be shuttered and funding for more general job-training and employment services would move from the federal budget to states.”

In addition, the new budget also cuts after school programs that could prevent youth from falling through the gaps in the first place.  This means that even more youth impacted by poverty are less likely to change their outcomes without small businesses stepping forward with targeted efforts to impact the Youth Unemployment Rate.  This is one of the key reasons that TGIM Digital Publishing is working to launch Y.E.P. as a component to our Affiliates Program.

The Youth Employment Program will offer jobs to youth registered in our Affiliates Program to work part-time after school in call centers promoting books writing by Writing for the Soul Workshop™. Y.E.P. will employ youth and equip them with important workplace skills in sales and customer service.  This is one more way that TGIM is creating tomorrows entrepreneurs today. In order to create this impact TGIM is looking for a small capital infusion of $7,000 to launch our first Call Center in Fort Worth, Texas. In return for your investment, TGIM will return $7,000.00 plus 15% for a total return of $8,050.00 in 18 months from the day of investment.

When you think about the dire economic and social picture facing youth around the world today, it’s clear that we need to do better.  Around the globe, communities face government corruption, lack social services, and have growing unemployment issues in their youth populations.  Some communities are further devastated by natural disasters, and civil wars.  Impacting youth and creating change will require out of the box solutions. We need For-Profit companies that have the heart to create change, and that are willing to accept a mission that provides what our society needs.  We need companies who know that helping our youth is just as important as profits.  We need companies that are willing to focus on our society as humans, not just consumers. Companies that have a mission, that have a heart, and that produce results …like us. Call us for more information at: 682.235.TGIM (8446)

Why not a .com?

When you clicked on this title, perhaps you were expecting some enlightening research on web domains, and whether or not your business web domain will impact your site traffic.  While this blog might not contain that information, rest assured that what you are about to read definitely impacts you!

The education system in the United States has roots to the colonial times, when education was targeted for white male land owners, and focused on preparation to better understand religious doctrine.  By the early 1900’s this focus shifted with the Progressive era, and our educational system was seen by government and urban leaders as a way to prepare individuals for blue-collar work in factories.  This focus has remained, one of the reasons our school curriculum is primarily focused in math, science and technology.

If you are a business owner, right about now you are wondering why this information impacts you… well, if you employee anyone other than your self, or your customer base includes anyone under 80, keep reading…

Our economy in 2017 looks very different from the one 50 years ago.  As our nation has moved from an industrial economy to an information economy, our expectations of our school systems really haven’t changed. We still expect that individuals with a High School Diploma or GED will have the requisite skills needed to be successful at most entry-level jobs. The problem with this expectation is that those entry-level jobs have changed drastically over the last 2 decades, and our current education system doesn’t really prepare students for their future in the job market.  As The Fiscal Times recently put it “nearly three-quarters of hiring managers complain that millennials – even those with college degrees – aren’t prepared for the job market and lack an adequate ‘work ethic.'”

This means that as students navigate an education system that focuses on standardized test scores instead of what happens in today’s job market, we will continue to face a dearth of individuals that are prepared to work, improve, and earn salaries that will help continue to drive our economy.  That is where the importance of “.us” comes in… if we want a future work force that is prepared for our current economy, it will take a village to drive the changes we need to ensure this preparation.

According to Mother Jones magazine, most students will take 113 standardized tests in the school life.  In Texas this means that more than 50% of high school graduates would have FAILED the writing portion of their standardized tests.  With more and more jobs that require customer service and sales skills, the ability for individuals to clearly communicate with others is of utmost importance.  We have to do better in preparing todays children in reading and WRITING.

As part of this focus, TGIM Digital Publishing is offering Writing for the Soul Workshop™ as a way for students to increase their scores in Writing on standardized tests like the STAAR test administered here in Texas.  An overwhelming number of students, even in high school, struggle with Essay writing, a component that represents 26% of an individuals test scores.

This program is proven as a viable option to increase a students writing ability, and has shown to help improve educational outcomes, and Essay scores on standardized test.  Currently, TGIM offers these workshops to schools at no charge to students.  Participants not only receive tutoring, but important skills in customer service and sales through participation in this program.  As a business owner this means a better prepared future workforce.  A better prepared workforce means better wages and more money in the economy, which is a win for all of us.

indiegogo-buttonAs anyone knows, offering services like this does have a cost, even when it isn’t passed on to participants.  We need your help to ensure that students here in Texas and around the world maintain access to Writing for the Soul Workshop™, and all of the wow factors available. Your contribution today helps to ensure youth in your community continue to access a program that offers better educational outcomes than school alone.  As the Will Stegerson foundation reminds us,  “In order to reach a kid, you’ve got the meet them where they are. And if you can meet them where they are, then you can take them somewhere else.”  Help www.tgimonline.US take our next generation of students to places that our .com can’t. Back our INDIEGOGO campaign today.


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D'Vyne and Markalah are pictured here signing autographs in The Bully Diaries during a Book Signing at Barnes & Noble on the Plaza in Kansas City.
D’Vyne and Markalah are pictured here signing autographs in The Bully Diaries during a Book Signing at Barnes & Noble on the Plaza in Kansas City.

Any participant that wants to earn a great commission can, when they distribute Writing for the Soul Workshop™   books direct. The Boys & Girls Club Musgrave Unit offered our program as an Academic Success Program to their club members during development in 2014. While our focus in the classroom is education, adding our Affiliates Program as a way to help our participants earn from book sales allows us create tomorrow’s future business leaders …today!

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