TGIM New Release: Peers Pencils & Pages

Peers Pages & Pencils "This book is amazing. I was in tears on the first page. Completely grateful for the recovery I have today." -Jimmy McGill, Recovery Coordinator at Arkansas Department of Human Services "It is truly amazing." -Monte Payne, CIT at Better Community Development INC Sometimes, we need to be reminded that our past … Continue reading TGIM New Release: Peers Pencils & Pages

“I’m not just an addict. I’m so much more.”

My name is Reginald "RaRah" Bratchett, and I am a drug addict.  I have had a long struggle with the truth of this affliction. Until recently, I have depended on stimulants and hallucinogens to compromise the deficits of my two life-long illnesses: Mental Health and Neurological Disorders. As a teenager I didn't experiment with much … Continue reading “I’m not just an addict. I’m so much more.”

The Journey Begins

“Life for me before writing my first book Issues, and the life I have now are two totally different ball games. My life before, was a life filled with resentment, anger and pain. Issues released me from those chains of self-oppression. Before, all I could do is hurt …now all I want to do is help. Issues is an … Continue reading The Journey Begins