TGIM Books: What inspired Fire Light Fire Bright?

Many people have asked what was my inspiration for writing Fire Light Fire Bright.  I guess I would have to say, the Vietnam War.  I lost some close friends there and I wanted to write this book as a tribute. I originally planned for the Vietnam Veteran to be the main character and, of course, … Continue reading TGIM Books: What inspired Fire Light Fire Bright?

Renée Walker bids TGIM “Farewell.”

Today I come to you with a saddened heart, but solemn gratitude in writing this announcement. As of Friday, October 13, 2017, I have decided to pursue other avenues in my writing career. My passion for writing comes from reading many books in my childhood. I still have the same adrenaline rush when I open … Continue reading Renée Walker bids TGIM “Farewell.”

Family Man by Bettye Westbrook

My name is Bettye Jones-Westbrook.  I was born in a family of ten siblings. Six sisters and four brothers. My parents did the best that they could to raise us with God’s help.  My parents were not educated.  My momma learned to read when my oldest sister started school. They learned together.  My daddy never learned … Continue reading Family Man by Bettye Westbrook