TGIM welcomes new author Anna L. Bragga

TGIM is delighted to welcome #author Anna L. Bragga into its fold ahead of the release of her debut novella, Fractured. Anna is no stranger to TGIM as we have already published some of her work in our survivors’ anthology: #RemovingChains of #ChildAbuse compiled by Ark of Hope for Children, a human rights charity using a trauma-informed approach to serve victims and survivors through various programs.

Anna says: “This has all happened very quickly, and it’s really thanks to Blair Corbett, CEO of Ark of Hope for Children, who encouraged me to write a piece for their #RestoringHope project, that I was inspired to contact TGIM with a totally new idea of my own. I am excited at the prospect of seeing my first work of fiction in print and feel honoured to join the ranks of other survivor advocates, people whom I consider luminaries in the movement to end child abuse, bullying and human trafficking.”

We publish books not ranked in traditional circles in our industry. A genre we refer to as “Cathartic Literature” sometimes referred to as ‘misery lit’ category which is biographical in nature, and usually about the impact of traumatic events in childhood, and the impact of dealing with those experiences. 

As a publisher, you could say that Fractured fills the need for books about trauma and abuse with deeper meanings to them. Books that leave the reader feeling inspired. Like the caterpillar whose cathartic change becomes the most beautiful of butterflies, Anna’s novella will leave you inspired and changed. To stay in the know about the release of Fractured, sign up to receive our newsletter.

Bullying Prevention Awareness: Bullying Hurts The Bystander Too

Would it surprise you to know that those who witness bullying may be more impacted than those who are victims or those who bully? According to the American Psychological Association, “Students who witnessed acts of bullying were more likely to report greater psychological distress than those students who were bullies or victims, according to the results. This was the case even for students who had not been victims themselves, although being both a witness and a victim did also significantly predict mental health problems.”

We may spend time talking to our kids about not bullying, or what to do if they are bullied, but do we talk to them about what happens if they witness bullying? Statistics show that every child will be a witness to bullying at least once during their school years.  As TGIM accepts submissions for The Bully Diaries Volume II, we know that many bystanders of bullying experience feelings of guilt, shame and helplessness.  They don’t want to simply stand by, but they don’t know exactly what to do. provides some ideas about how to handle being a bystander:

Avoid joining in or laughing. Sometimes kids will chime in or laugh at a bullying incident in order to avoid becoming the next target. Explain to your children that you expect them not to join in the bullying. Even if they don’t feel brave enough to do something, they can at least avoid giving in to peer pressure.

Walk away. Sometimes bullies are bullying simply to get the attention. And, if they don’t have an audience, they will stop. As a result, sometimes all it takes is to walk away from the incident or to ignore the bully. Still, your child should report the bullying incident to an adult so that it doesn’t happen again.

Tell the bully to stop. Usually if a bully is not getting positive attention from the crowd, he will stop what he is doing. It only takes one or two people to show disapproval and the bullying will end. Tell your children to use this method only if they feel safe in doing so. If the bully poses a physical threat, another option might be to find help.

Get an adult. Encourage your child to calmly walk away from a bullying incident and go find help. This can be done discreetly and keeps your child out of harm’s way.

Use a cell phone to call or text for help. Most tweens and teens have cell phones these days. If your child is one of these kids, tell him that he can always call or text an adult and ask for help. This keeps him from having to say something directly to the bully, but gives him a way to help the victim. Some schools have even implemented help lines where kids can text or call anonymously when someone is being bullied.

Request other bystanders to stand up too. Sometimes it’s safer and more effective if a group of kids confronts the bully. In fact, research shows that when peers intervene in a bullying incident, the bullying stops nearly 60% of the time.

Address cyberbullying. Keep in mind that your child doesn’t have to be physically present to be impacted by bullying. Witnessing a classmate being targeted online can affect your child too. Be sure you teach her how to report cyberbullying. For instance, your child should save the message or postings and report the cyberbullying to an adult. What’s more, many social media sites have mechanisms for reporting abuse. Help her become familiar with how to report harassment.

Support the victim. Sometimes the best way to get involved in a bullying incident is to be a friend to victims. In fact, research shows that having at least one friend can deter bullying. Give your child ideas on how to be a friend to the victim. This might mean walking to class together, sitting with them at lunch and inviting them to social events.

the-bully-diaries-cover-300dpiThe Bully Diaries

Chances are that you experienced bullying in your life. Whether your experience was as a victim, a bystander or the bully, if you search your memories, you will probably find instances when bullying was a part of your life. For many of us, these experiences have defined us and shaped us. Our experiences made us stronger, and helped us become who we are today.

When you are being bullied, it is hard to think about much more than getting through today. For others, there is no today. Their experience being bullied was too overwhelming, and drove them to a devastating and permanent solution to the temporary pain.

Through a community partnership with Stand for the Silent, Writing for the Soul Workshop collected stories, letters and poems from youth, teens and adults from around the world. These stories are pieces of lives impacted by bullying; written to show everyone affected by bullying that you are not alone, that you can survive the experience, that you are somebody.

A portion of the proceeds from book sales goes to support Stand for the Silent.


eBook: $11.99 USD
Soft Cover: $16.99
Size: 5.5″ x 8.5″ (13.97 x 21.59 cm) 
Color: Black & White on White paper
Page Count: 202 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1539125297
ISBN-10: 1539125297
BISAC: Nonfiction / Biography & Autobiography / Literary
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Do you have a story about bullying?  Writing for the Soul Workshop™ is collecting stories from youth around the world for Volume II of “The Bully Diaries”.  Every voice is important, so submit your story today!  You can use the Contact Form below, or email us at:


TGIM says “Y.E.P.” to President Trump’s proposed 2018 Budget

No one wants to think that their tax money is being “wasted” through inefficient programs and bloated government agencies.  Making the government “efficient” sounds like a noble goal. Creating a new generation of jobless youth with fewer resources to learn marketable skills is the true result of the current proposed budget.  As reported by the Atlantic “The 2018 budget details around $500 million in cuts for the department (of Labor), which likely means that programs for disadvantaged workers, including seniors, youths, and those with disabilities, would be reduced or completely eliminated. The Senior Community Service Employment Program, training grants at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and technical-assistance grants at the Office of Disability Employment Policy would all disappear. Job-training centers for disadvantaged children would be shuttered and funding for more general job-training and employment services would move from the federal budget to states.”

In addition, the new budget also cuts after school programs that could prevent youth from falling through the gaps in the first place.  This means that even more youth impacted by poverty are less likely to change their outcomes without small businesses stepping forward with targeted efforts to impact the Youth Unemployment Rate.  This is one of the key reasons that TGIM Digital Publishing is working to launch Y.E.P. as a component to our Affiliates Program.

Our Presentation

When you think about the dire economic and social picture facing youth around the world today, it’s clear that we need to do better.  Around the globe, communities face government corruption, lack social services, and have growing unemployment issues in their youth populations.  Some communities are further devastated by natural disasters, and civil wars.  Impacting youth and creating change will require out of the box solutions. We need For-Profit companies that have the heart to create change, and that are willing to accept a mission that provides what our society needs.  We need companies who know that helping our youth is just as important as profits.  We need companies that are willing to focus on our society as humans, not just consumers. Companies that have a mission, that have a heart, and that produce results …like us. Call us at: 682.235.TGIM (8446) for more information and to discuss ROI.

Why not a .com?

When you clicked on this title, perhaps you were expecting some enlightening research on web domains, and whether or not your business web domain will impact your site traffic.  While this blog might not contain that information, rest assured that what you are about to read definitely impacts you!

The education system in the United States has roots to the colonial times, when education was targeted for white male land owners, and focused on preparation to better understand religious doctrine.  By the early 1900’s this focus shifted with the Progressive era, and our educational system was seen by government and urban leaders as a way to prepare individuals for blue-collar work in factories.  This focus has remained, one of the reasons our school curriculum is primarily focused in math, science and technology.

If you are a business owner, right about now you are wondering why this information impacts you… well, if you employee anyone other than your self, or your customer base includes anyone under 80, keep reading…

Our economy in 2017 looks very different from the one 50 years ago.  As our nation has moved from an industrial economy to an information economy, our expectations of our school systems really haven’t changed. We still expect that individuals with a High School Diploma or GED will have the requisite skills needed to be successful at most entry-level jobs. The problem with this expectation is that those entry-level jobs have changed drastically over the last 2 decades, and our current education system doesn’t really prepare students for their future in the job market.  As The Fiscal Times recently put it “nearly three-quarters of hiring managers complain that millennials – even those with college degrees – aren’t prepared for the job market and lack an adequate ‘work ethic.'”

This means that as students navigate an education system that focuses on standardized test scores instead of what happens in today’s job market, we will continue to face a dearth of individuals that are prepared to work, improve, and earn salaries that will help continue to drive our economy.  That is where the importance of “.us” comes in… if we want a future work force that is prepared for our current economy, it will take a village to drive the changes we need to ensure this preparation.

According to Mother Jones magazine, most students will take 113 standardized tests in the school life.  In Texas this means that more than 50% of high school graduates would have FAILED the writing portion of their standardized tests.  With more and more jobs that require customer service and sales skills, the ability for individuals to clearly communicate with others is of utmost importance.  We have to do better in preparing todays children in reading and WRITING.

As part of this focus, TGIM Digital Publishing is offering Writing for the Soul Workshop™ as a way for students to increase their scores in Writing on standardized tests like the STAAR test administered here in Texas.  An overwhelming number of students, even in high school, struggle with Essay writing, a component that represents 26% of an individuals test scores.

This program is proven as a viable option to increase a students writing ability, and has shown to help improve educational outcomes, and Essay scores on standardized test.  Currently, TGIM offers these workshops to schools at no charge to students.  Participants not only receive tutoring, but important skills in customer service and sales through participation in this program.  As a business owner this means a better prepared future workforce.  A better prepared workforce means better wages and more money in the economy, which is a win for all of us.

indiegogo-buttonAs anyone knows, offering services like this does have a cost, even when it isn’t passed on to participants.  We need your help to ensure that students here in Texas and around the world maintain access to Writing for the Soul Workshop™, and all of the wow factors available. Your contribution today helps to ensure youth in your community continue to access a program that offers better educational outcomes than school alone.  As the Will Stegerson foundation reminds us,  “In order to reach a kid, you’ve got the meet them where they are. And if you can meet them where they are, then you can take them somewhere else.”  Help www.tgimonline.US take our next generation of students to places that our .com can’t. Back our INDIEGOGO campaign today.


Meet Our Quality Assurance Manager: Gedalyah Yasharahla

“Quality is not an act, it is a habit.” Aristotle

When most business leaders think of Quality Assurance, they think of things like product testing, or unscheduled inspections.  In today’s new information economy, quality assurance is so much more.  When a program impacts the lives of our most precious resources, our children, it becomes imperative to have an uncompromising commitment to the quality of our program.

At TGIM, we believe that meeting the rigorous guidelines of our program is a non negotiable element.  We strive to ensure that everyone involved in our programs receives the same amazing experience, regardless of whether they access the program from their homes, their schools, or their community centers, whether in the US or abroad.  We have proven processes that deliver amazing results, when followed correctly.

The importance of the quality of our programming is a key reason that TGIM Digital Publishing created the role of Quality Assurance Manager.  Our program requires high standards, and ensuring these standards are met at every level is a cornerstone of our brand integrity.  As our Quality Assurance Manager, Gedalyah oversees all areas of company operations, assumes responsibility for company’s success and achievement of financial goals. He is also responsible for driving sales and business through development.

This is an exciting time for us, as we work to expand our staff, and support our growing global customer base.  Recently, we filled the position of Community Coordinator in TGIM Africa. We are currently looking to fill positions for a Business Development Manager, and Community Coordinators here in the US and Australia. TGIM is a mobile brand, so you can set your own hours, and can work from the comfort of home.  These positions are perfect for college students, and stay-at-home care givers.

Gedalyah was seeking something that no amount of money, or milestone was able to fill. He found it here at TGIM. Is that you too?  Then do something different …do something amazing. Email us and request more information about the job opportunities we have available. Send your email to or call us toll-free at: 855.377.TGIM. –Eric L. Jones, Sr., TGIM CEO

Meet Our Director of People Operations: Michelle Bailey

People Operations is a department that is all about supporting the people who work for and with TGIM Digital Publishing.   While some companies use this description as a replacement for Human Resources, People Operations is much more than a “traditional” HR department. Of course, TGIM Digital Publishing is far from a traditional company; we are a completely distributed company with core and network team members located all over the world. Our People Operations department is focused on how our organization deals with all of the key components of our network, from our direct employees, to our Program Providers, Community Coordinators, Community Partners, Participants, and Affiliates.

As our Director of People Operations, Michelle will continue to expand our support structure that encourages our core values. We take an all-hands-on-deck approach to our work, taking pride in being collaborative, creative, and flexible while maintaining an environment that is supportive and nurturing.  Michelle comes to the role with over 17 years of leadership, management, training and operations experience in BPO.  Michelle has worked with numerous Fortune 500 and 100 companies as a leader dedicated to excellence in service and support.  Michelle previously served as Director of Operations at NCO Group (now Alorica) after serving as a Training and Quality Manager and Project Operations Manager.  Michelle is also a consultant with exceptional experience in leadership, management and employee development with a focus on the creation and support of strong, high functioning teams as founder and CEO of Simply Meechi.

Michelle brings a true passion for helping the youth of today overcome daunting odds through personal empowerment and belief that your current circumstances don’t predict your future results.  This is an exciting time for us, as we work to expand our staff, and support our growing global customer base.  Recently, we filled the position of Community Coordinator in TGIM Africa. We are currently looking to fill positions for a Business Development Manager, and Community Coordinators here in the US and Australia. TGIM is a mobile brand, so you can set your own hours, and can work from the comfort of home.  These positions are perfect for college students, and stay-at-home care givers.

Michelle was seeking something that no amount of money, or milestone was able to fill. She found it here at TGIM. Is that you too?  Then do something different …do something amazing. Email us and request more information about the job opportunities we have available. Send your email to or call us toll-free at: 855.377.TGIM. –Eric L. Jones, Sr., TGIM CEO

Expose Writing for the Soul Workshop™ to Your Students!

“I loved the workshop and the structure. The facilitators where awesome and knowledgeable! The children stayed active, and enjoyed participating. Eric L. Jones, Sr. was very articulate and heartfelt about his message. Adonis Reddick helped, and structured the North County workshop. He helped the children on tasks, and Eric stayed focused on the kids. The workshop is truly a God send, and can truly help children express their emotions and feelings.” -Erica Phillips, Partners in Policymaking

Writing for the Soul Workshop™ offers schools, churches, and nonprofits a unique opportunity to go above and beyond the Common Core Standards in helping students create “habits of mind” -both intellectually and emotionally. Aligned to the same principles as the Common Core, our curriculum walks students through an entirely new set of skills. Skills like: creative writing, storytelling, public speaking -even marketing and sales of the work they write.  The best part is that during our workshop students are immersed in a one of a kind writing as therapy program that helps them to get what is on the inside …out.

Our core program philosophy is based on the fact that powerful emotions have a powerful voice; and that when we get what is on the inside out, we take control of those feelings, and make smarter behavior choices as a result. Dr. Stevie Dawn agrees with us, which is why TGIM included her in our certification process and curriculum. As an expert on Emotional Intelligence, here’s what she said:

“Human beings have emotions. When we fight our emotions, we usually end up getting ourselves in trouble. Experiencing the emotion is one thing; using emotions to make decisions is a whole other thing. You need to be able to experience the emotion and be aware enough to identify the emotion you are feeling. This allows you to be more authentic and honest with yourself and to increase your self-confidence and self-esteem.”Stevie Dawn Inspires

Writing for the Soul Workshop™ offers students the opportunity to put their learning into action, to become published authors and to build their financial independence.  In addition to this impact on students, Writing for the Soul Workshop™ offers school districts the resources to adapt the curriculum to their specific district, school, or even individual students needs. Our curriculum includes adapted lesson plans and activities for Individuals with Differential Abilities, focused on what they can accomplish, not their “special needs.”

Leora Jackson (right) completed the required certification to offer Writing for the Soul Workshop™ in Fayetteville, AR

Audience: Youth with Adult Responsibilities

Length of Workshop(s): Two day workshop.  Each day consists of 3 hours, 1/2 day or full day (no deference in price, only deference is the amount of content you receive)

Max Class Size: 20 (If you have more than 20 participants, you must provide additional volunteers to help with with participants.)

Grab the tools you were never taught in schools. Learn exercises and writing techniques to sharpen your skills and rescue you from writer’s block. You’ve got amazing writing inside of you. Uncover it. Discover it. You have permission to explore, fail and soar to writing abilities you never thought you had. Everyone produces at least one new piece in 55 minutes with the option of group publishing and to earn royalties.

Audience: 5th – 12th Grade

Length of Workshop(s): Two day workshop.  Each day consists of 3 hours, 1/2 day or full day (no deference in price, only deference is the amount of content you receive)

Max Class Size: 20 (If you have more than 20 participants, you must provide additional volunteers to help with with participants.)

This workshop will grab even the most difficult students’ attention and equip them with simple, powerful tools that make their writing spring to life. Students go from hating writing to loving it. Those who love writing do it better. Everyone produces at least one new piece in 55 minutes with the option of group publishing and to earn royalties.

*Note: Price does not include travel.

While it may seem incredible that a writing workshop can impact behavior so dramatically, Writing for the Soul Workshop™ is more than just a writing workshop, it is an opportunity for individuals to see a different perspective, to interact with others that truly care about them and their story, and to know that telling their story opens up new opportunities.

Book a Writing for the Soul Workshop™ Expo today for only $1,499 and let us pair you with a certified provider to conduct a two-day workshop experience.  If you like the Expo, then add our Writing for the Soul Workshop™ program as a viable component to what your organization already has in place, or donate it to a local nonprofit in your community. We’ve developed certifications for online or onsite delivery with timelines that meet your organization’s needs.

Contact us at 1.682.235.TGIM (8446) Expo, or to discuss implementing our program as a viable component to what your school or organization already has in place.