What People Say

“ …this book is amazing. I was in tears on the first page. Completely grateful for the recovery I have today.” 

-Jimmy McGill, Recovery Coordinator at DHS

Peers Pencils & Pages

Sometimes, we need to be reminded that our past doesn’t define our future. Sometimes, we need someone who’ll just listen, or point us in the right direction for natural and community resources. Someone who’s been down the same hell hole as us …and made it out. Peers Pencils & Pages was first developed and successfully piloted as the Writing for the Soul Workshop™ Peer Support Program through a partnership with Texas ReEntry Services. Together, we offered the program as a realistic criminal justice strategy aimed at safely reducing the State’s costly reliance on incarceration– creating stronger families, less taxpayer waste, and safer communities. The Peers Pencils & Pages project empowered those willing to share their story to become a “credible messenger” helping to connect with a peer, connect the peer to recovery and so much more. Series: Peers Pencils & Pages (Book 1) Paperback: 156 pages Language: English ISBN-10: 1702054438 ISBN-13: 978-1702054430 Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 0.4 x 8.5 inches