Would it surprise you to know that those who witness bullying may be more impacted than those who are victims or those who bully? According to the American Psychological Association, “Students who witnessed acts of bullying were more likely to report greater psychological distress than those students who were bullies or victims, according to the results. This was the case even for students who had not been victims themselves, although being both a witness and a victim did also significantly predict mental health problems.”

Our Global Community Partnership with Stand For The Silent (featured on PBS Independent Lens) offered a platform and a voice to children and adults standing against bullying by helping them to get what’s on the inside …out in a whole new way. Stand For The Silent has delivered their message of hope to over 1, 364, 000 kids in over 1,275 schools.

Give a book. Save a life.

We’re working hard to give a copy of this life-saving book to every member of The Boys & Girls Club throughout the United States. Over 160,000 students here in our country skip school each day because of bullying. Some even decide that being dead is better than living as the victim of a bully.

Your donation of $439.99 covers the cost to distribute books to 50 young club members. Your contribution is tax‐deductible to the extent permitted by  law through a Fiscal Sponsorship with Hyped About Helping Young People ExcelA donation letter will be emailed to you, and we will add labels to the book cover in your honor if you like.


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