Music My Way is a Music Program for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Arkansas. Students who access Music My Way improve academic performance through reading, writing, playing, recording, performing, and sequencing music.  Students develop number sense and improve working memory through cognitive guided instruction.  They expose kids to the arts and develop opportunities for artistic appreciation and expression.

To broaden the reach of Writing for the Soul Workshop™, we looked at how the program could be modified to include music. When we met with Music My Way Program Director Marques Holt, we knew right away that we’d found a solution.

Writing Music for the Soul Workshop™ core program philosophy is based on the fact that powerful emotions have a powerful voice; and that when we get what’s on the inside out, we make amazing breakthroughs in gaining control of those emotions.

The role of Emotional Intelligence in personal success is one of the key reasons why we include E.I. Leadership Training from Dr. Stevie Dawn as part of certification to organizations like Music My Way who offer our writing program. She explains the importance of E.I. this way:

“Emotional Intelligence is really about communicating. It is about being aware of your emotions and the emotions of those around you. It is about thinking about the group as a whole when making decisions. It is about looking at the bigger picture. It is about helping others to feel empowered to achieve their goals. It is about doing all these things in a way that makes you likable and trustworthy.”

Program Outcomes

As a certified provider of our writing program, Music My Way not only addresses educational outcomes, but emotional as well. Using a trauma informed approach, their students now experience writing as a safe way to get what’s on the inside …out. When you combine the stories that these students write in the program with music, you get life changing Spoken Word.

Unlike the stories we’ve published in soft cover and as eBooks, the stories collected by Music My Way will be recorded and available on Apple Music and iTunes as audio books. The title of their first release will be “This Thing Called Life”. Here is a video from the day our developer first met with Music My Way:

What’s your story?

We all have a story to tell. Let us help you tell yours. All ages are welcome to participate regardless of ability. Who knows …your story just may impact someone else’s life. Submit your short story, poem, music, and art for inclusion in the release of: Music My Way “This Thing Called Life”.

Please do not submit manuscripts that contain any of the following: obscene or explicit material, unnecessary profanity, vulgarity, or inappropriate or graphic love scenes. Any material considered for publication that is found to be graphic  will require a mandatory edit of the material and may result in a rejection of the material.

Please note that we do not publish graphic material. Therefore, you may be asked to remove graphic material or language.

Submitting your story is easy! Simply use the Contact Form below, or send your story to our publisher via email at:  Everyone who submits their story will receive a complimentary Pieces of Me Anniversary Edition eBook for participating.



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