We’ve adapted our program to include music and the spoken word. So far, there is not another writing program like it that improves performance on state test results, and reduces repeat juvenile offenders -while stimulating our economy by creating tomorrow’s writers …today. Better writers develop into better readers. Better readers do better in life.

Did you know that some of our participants submit songs for publishing in our books? If you have read Pieces of Me, or Stories of Hope by Writing for the Soul Workshop™ -some of the poems in those books are actually songs. Here is a submission we published in Pieces of Me that a participant submitted while accessing our program at Kingdom Connections in Marianna, Arkansas:

Piece of Me Part 1 by Brandon ‘Cash’ Williams

Happen in the worst way;

I think it was a Monday,

Nope it was a Thursday.

Running with these GANGSTAS

Trying to make this money;

Hustling making candy bars

Pay day to pay day.

Super smart in school -just wanted to be cool;

Hanging with three dudes got me breaking all the rules.

Went from being a gentleman to just plain old rude;

All I do is win. Never tie, never loose.

Thinking that I’m grown, and I do what I do;

Went from acting intelligent -to acting a fool

From having dreams of being on TV and making movies;

To a nightmare of one day “I just might end up on the news”.

Ain’t much more I could say about me;

Except that I am saved by the LORD and King.

So stop before you think the worst about me;

Because this is not my whole life -this is just a Piece of Me.

Program Outcomes

Our workshop addresses not just educational outcomes, but emotional and physical needs as well.provide vibrant opportunities through programs and counselors for youth that will encourage them to abstain from chemical abuse, pursue secondary education and become more self-reliant.

Assist parents with meeting the needs/challenges of breaking habits that are leading their child/ren into trouble in school and in the streets. Offer writing as therapy. Create better writers, which in turn creates better readers.

Allow participants to give back to other youth by publishing their stories in group projects, and then distributing them around the world as paperbacks, eBooks and audio books.

Here are the wow factors experienced by participants in Writing for the Soul Workshop™ :

  • Experience writing as therapy

  • Access to mentors

  • Nutritious snacks that stimulate creativity

  • Lasting, positive friendships with peers creating an ongoing network of support

  • Increased proficiency in both reading and writing

  • Participants become published Authors, and can promote that skill on every future resume and job application

  • Participants earn royalties based on individual book sales

  • Participants establish strong accomplishments that will help with future entry into colleges and the job market

These unique wow factors go beyond helping students develop a love of writing,  they produce long term behavioral changes and helps participants make positive life choices. While it may seem incredible that a writing workshop can impact behavior so dramatically, Writing for the Soul Workshop™  is more than just a writing workshop, it is an opportunity for individuals to see a different perspective, to interact with others that truly care about them and their story, and to know that telling their story opens up new opportunities.

Add our program as a viable component to what your organization already has in place. Use the Contact Form below or call us at 682.235.8446 for more information.