“This is an opportunity to connect with our students outside of the parameters of school and promote literacy. The workshop gives them a platform from which to speak to the world. It also gives the facilitator a chance to demonstrate love and acceptance.” — Naomi Austin, Educator in Missouri

Successful completion and continued execution of Accelerated Program for Readiness, Interaction and Leadership, or A.P.R.I.L.© is required for an organization to be a Certified Provider of Writing for the Soul Workshop™.

A.P.R.I.L.© contains the required processes, training and procedures that organizations needs to execute while providing Writing for the Soul Workshop™, and maintain their Certified Provider status.

A.P.R.I.L.©  was designed to drive success as organizations identify, train, and develop support staff for Writing for the Soul Workshop™ ensuring consistent, continued success for participants. The outstanding results of Writing for the Soul Workshop™, and its impact on participants are the obvious reasons that organizations select our writing program as a viable component to what they already have in place.

A.P.R.I.L.© ensures consistency in those results, and provides ongoing support and networking for all organizations that offer Writing for the Soul Workshop™.

Do Something Different! Get Certified!

Our Program Providers know that Writing for the Soul Workshop™ has not only PROVEN to be a very viable, and powerful tool for them, their participants also benefit in multiple ways.  As a Program Provider for Writing for the Soul Workshop™ you have access to a program that:

  • offers proven success in retaining and growing program participation, increasing your program exposure in your community.
  • provides a unique source funding vehicles for your entire organization, including merchandise that promotes your organization and community supporters.
  • requires minimal start up resources and financing to help get you started.
  • meets program participants on their level, and provides tools for improvement in their writing and reading skills.
  • delivers results that help your organization fulfill your mission in the community.


“The City of St. Louis, like many metropolitan areas in the US, has this lost generation of souls….. a portion of our young people are doing good while another portion are dropping out. To catch a child that is falling through the cracks or going through severe personal problems; like a parent on drugs or being abused in some way….. to catch them when their most vulnerable so if they can’t talk about it, they’ll write about it.” -D. Kimbrough, St. Louis, Missouri

“This program has been very useful, and a powerful means to help our young minds handle stress while learning. It gives inspiration to their studies to help them meet their ambitions.” -Del Monte Elementary School, Agusan del Sur Providence Philippines

“The program was a great experience. Because you share your personal story, it is enlightening and gives an opportunity to share with others. I believe it is a program that would be very beneficial to our youth.” -F. Clarke, St. Luke A.M.E. Church, Waco, Texas 

Abrianna with the Mayor
A’Brianna is pictured here signing an autograph of The Bully Diaries for the mayor of Springfield, MO. Mayor Bob Stephens told us, “Every city needs a program like this.”

Does your organization serve the youth or adult population? Are you looking for sustainable, non grant source funding for your organization? Do you need a program that provides proven results in changing behavior and impacts all levels of your community?

TGIM understands how challenging it can be for organization leaders to find programs for their clients that provide both a positive experience for their clients, and a program whose funding is self sustaining.  Imagine how effective your organization can be with a program that benefits participants, and provides revenue back to your programs, with a wide range of funding activities.

Include Writing for the Soul Workshop™ as a viable component to your Youth Programs, State Agency, School or Mentoring Organization. Use the Contact Form below to register today. Registration is free and financing for Certification is available. Call us at: 682.235.TGIM (8446) for more information or use the form below.

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