TGIM Audio: Jedediah by Eric L. Jones, Sr.

About Jedediah

Journey with Jedediah Walker as he shares the tale of his arrest for the murders of the Mayor’s daughter, a decorated narcotics officer, and a college student. Murders that he didn’t commit. Will this head on collision cost him his freedom or maybe even his life?

Proceeds from the book go to fund Writing for the Soul Workshop™, which was developed by Eric L. Jones, Sr. and held for the first time at Swope Park in Kansas City.

As a bestselling author, Eric knew he could and should do more to help the youth in Kansas City as sales for Jedediah began to take off. He says this about the origins of the workshop: “I gave birth to this program in South Kansas City.  My first participants were Crips and Bloods.  It wasn’t the differences that brought them together, it was the pain.  Watching them write for me made me realize this one thing …writing could actually, literally, set them free.”


Audio Book: $24.99

Delivery: Download, or Dropbox®

Length: 160 Minutes

Also available on iTunes and Apple Music


$24.99 USD


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