My story really doesn’t have it hard like other kids. I was raised with my mom and my step-dad. No, not in the projects but in a small apartment. I had more opportunities than other kids. Everyone would think I had it easy in life. That is not true. At the age of six, I was touched in places. I never really told people the full story because I thought that what I had to say to people wasn’t important.

My self-esteem was really low around 4th and 5th grade. Around 6th grade, writing became a big part of my life. It made me more optimistic than others which made me express myself more. Writing lead to me experiencing theater arts. Being in theater art showed me a whole lot of things I could do when I hit college. Like being a lawyer, fashion designer or actress.

However; my freshmen year came around the corner, and I started to eliminate things off my list of dreams because I thought they were impossible. I began to believe that I would never go to college. One day my teacher, Mr. Carmillo, told me, “Nothing is impossible, in fact the word itself says I’M POSSIBLE in it.” Now I live by those words everyday. My whole perspective on everything has changed. This is the message that I want yo get across to kids my age especially those who have been bullied: “What you want to do in life is possible! Just believe and go for it! You are not alone.”

My Impact To End Bullying

As an intern here at TGIM Digital Publishing, I’m learning skills in sales that will give me an edge in the career that I choose later in life. But the best part of my job is giving away copies of The Bully Diaries. Every sale I make means that one of my peers will get this life-saving book for free.

Would it surprise you to know that those who witness bullying may be more impacted than those who are victims or those who bully? According to the American Psychological Association, “Students who witnessed acts of bullying were more likely to report greater psychological distress than those students who were bullies or victims, according to the results. This was the case even for students who had not been victims themselves, although being both a witness and a victim did also significantly predict mental health problems.”

Our Global Community Partnership with Stand For The Silent offered a platform and a voice to children and adults standing against bullying by helping them get what is on the inside …out in a whole new way.


About The Bully Diaries:

Chances are that you experienced bullying in your life. Whether your experience was as a victim, a bystander or the bully, if you search your memories, you will probably find instances when bullying was a part of your life. For many of us, these experiences have defined us and shaped us. Our experiences made us stronger, and helped us become who we are today.

When you are being bullied, it is hard to think about much more than getting through today. For others, there is no today. Their experience being bullied was too overwhelming, and drove them to a devastating and permanent solution to the temporary pain.

Through a community partnership with Stand for the Silent, Writing for the Soul Workshop collected stories, letters and poems from youth, teens and adults from around the world. These stories are pieces of lives impacted by bullying; written to show everyone affected by bullying that you are not alone, that you can survive the experience, that you are somebody.

“Ty had a big heart and always had a big smile for everyone. He loved to hunt and help others. Ty was small for his age. Two years of being bullied was just too much for him. He retaliated against the bully and was suspended. We lost Ty on May 13th, 2010.” -Kirk Smalley, From the Forward of The Bully Diaries

A portion of the proceeds from book sales goes to support Stand for the Silent, and I earn a commission when you purchase the Journal, Soft Cover or eBook. During checkout, enter Coupon Code: ag2017 to save $1 on your purchase. This code is also how TGIM tracks my sales so I get paid, so be sure to use it during checkout. Together, we can stand for those suffering at the hands of a bully in silence. We may even prevent another teen from ending their life because of a bully.


eBook: $11.99 USD
Soft Cover: $16.99
Size: 5.5″ x 8.5″ (13.97 x 21.59 cm)
Color: Black & White on White paper
Page Count: 202 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1539125297
ISBN-10: 1539125297
BISAC: Nonfiction / Biography & Autobiography / Literary

Give a book. Save a life.

The Bully Diaries by Writing for the Soul Workshop™ retails in stores at $16.99, but YOU SAVE when you partner with us to give this life-saving book away to students around the country.

Music My Way is a Boys and Girls Club of Central Arkansas program. They were grateful for the books we donated to their students.

We will add customized labels to the book cover in honor of you, your church, business or loved one if you like.  We’ll even give them to a school, or Boys and Girls Club near you. When you click “Buy Now“, simply select the quantity you would like to give away during checkout. Ship them to:

TGIM Digital Publishing * 1617 Park Place Avenue * Suite 110-TGIM * Fort Worth, TX 76110

Got questions, or would like to join our Paid Internship Program? Use the Contact Form below to connect with us.

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