TGIM Voices: Ari Davila

All Bad by Ari Davila

I am here to talk to you about how I first started getting into trouble. I was 13, and living on the south side of Fort Worth when I started smoking weed. My neighbor which is a year older than me, first showed me how it looked. After two years of smoking pot and getting older, I started wanting to get some money. I got a job at Chili’s, but it only lasted like a month. I hated it. I felt like it wasn’t for me. I wanted fast money, and a lot of it.

I found myself hanging out with my neighbor and his friend. They both went half on the rent at that house. From their house, they would sell drugs there. I would hang out there all the time. When I told them that I had quit working at Chili’s, they laughed and asked why. I told him I didn’t like it, so they suggested to me that I sell weed. I thought about it for a good while. I thought to myself, “Why not?” I saw how my friends were living and having things, so I decided to sell.

I had some money saved up from working at Chili’s, so I bought two ounces and sold it. I broke it down into grams, and made double my money back. I thought I was living a good life! (So I thought). I was getting money, but it all ended.

One day we’re hanging out at that house smoking weed, when we seen about four SWAT cars and trucks pull up to the house. We seen it all on the cameras we had up. There was no where to go. My home boys ran into the restroom trying to flush everything down the toilet. All I heard was the door bust open as SWAT stormed the house. I gotta stop for now. Dealing with raw emotions as I write this. But you know how the story ends.

About Ari Davila

Ari submitted his short story while accessing our Writing for the Soul Workshop™ at Metro Opportunity High School. Metro Opportunity High School is Fort Worth’s first public alternative school here in Texas. The school has been serving the needs of FWISD students and collaborating with their communities since the Fall of 1979.  The challenges that Ari was facing is why he’s currently attending  the school. Ari not only shared his story, but talked to us about those challenges. They include lack of resources to get what’s on the inside …out, and to earn money to become more self-reliant.

How you can help:

Simply download the eBook: ‘Stories of Hope’ which includes Ari’s story to enjoy from your favorite device. When you do, Ari earns $3.00. Our goal is to help him sell 2,500 downloads. This will help him to get the basic things he needs, help out around the house and begin saving for college. Your purchase also ensures that participants like him can continue to access Writing for the Soul Workshop™ at no cost to them. During checkout, enter Coupon Code: ari17 to save $1.00!

About Stories of Hope:

Stories of Hope is a compilation of heart wrenching, and liberating short stories written by youth participating in Writing for the Soul Workshop™ around the world. Through a unique structure offering both engagement -and reward, this workshop brings education and passion together in a way that offers permanent life changing impact. As noted in the forward by educator Sarah Lankford, these unique and amazing individuals have received a rare opportunity to share a story they needed to share … and develop a love of writing as a result.


eBook: $9.99
Soft Cover: $12.99
Size: 6″ x 9″ (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
Color: Black & White on White paper
Page Count: 158 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1537368849
ISBN-10: 1537368842
BISAC: Nonfiction / Biography & Autobiography / General

Purchase a copy of the book or download the eBook and enjoy it from your favorite device today! Stay connected with updates from our workshops here in the United States on Facebook at: Writing for the Soul Workshop™ in North America.


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