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The Bright Side by Dominick Curtis


I’ll never forget the day that my mom walked in and told me the news. It’s as if everything in time just stopped. I struggled to catch my breath, tried to stop the tears from strolling down the side of my face. Everything from that point was never the same man.

It was mid-August, a Tuesday, if I remember correctly. I was sitting in the front room watching T.V. with my older sister and my niece.  My mom walks in holding her chest and begins to have a conversation with my sister. Then all I remember was hearing my sister say: “So you didn’t tell him yet?” I had no clue what my mom was about to tell me so I started to get a little excited, seeing as how my birthday was in a couple of weeks. Then after I had bugged her to tell me for a couple of minutes, the words that slipped out of her mouth made my heart sink.  “I found a lump in my breast.”

I stopped everything that I was doing. The only words that could slip from in-between my lips were, “Are you kidding me right now?” And she said that she had known for a couple of weeks, and that I was the last one to be told out my other two siblings. I could not believe what I had just heard. For days I was not able to think straight about it. I prayed about it every night, and I still do to this day as a matter of fact. I just can’t help but think of the negative outcomes. I’m only human, I can’t help it. Just knowing that having a lump is a symptom of a very critical disease, everything is perceived in a different way.

Without hesitation, my sister and I began to convince our mom to go to the doctor to get checked out. She was against it at first because she has a strong dislike for doctors; but after a couple of days of negotiation, she finally subdued.

The morning of her appointment arrives a couple of weeks later; and she goes to the hospital. When she gets back home, I asked her how it went. Her faced changed from being calm, to being extremely solemn. The feeling I had when she had first told me started to creep back into my stomach. I instantly got scared. Then that’s when the news got a little bit worse.

“Well, I had to take some tests, and after they poked around for a bit, they told me that I show symptoms of Lymphoma, Breast Cancer, and Skin Cancer. But I have to go back so that they can verify.”

My heart stopped, and all I could do was just think of all the people I had lost to cancer. I told my mom that I was going to pray and just try and stay positive. After I had left her room, I entered mine and shut the door. I began to hyperventilate; I could feel the tears building up in my ducts. That’s when I took a deep breath, and I began to think of all the people that I know who had shown symptoms related to cancer, but are still alive and doing well.

I began to think of all the hard things that my mom and I had shared in the past. All of the obstacles that we had to overcome together. That’s the moment I realized that as long as you have a strong faith, and a positive perspective. Even when you’re surrounded by all of the darkness in this world, there will always be a bright side.

I’m still waiting for her next checkup so we can get the results; And even if the results come back and she is does in fact have cancer. This is nothing more than another obstacle that we must face together as mother and son.

The results came back, and Dominick’s mother has cancer. On October 3, 2016 she began Chemo Therapy. Dominick is working hard to earn money to support his family while his mother fight for her life.

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