TGIM Voices: Reese Moe

If I Could Go Back by Reese Moe

Today, I was introduced to a writing program and was asked to write about my life. So the day that changed my life was the day I got sent to a D.A.E.P. When I was in the fifth grade, I became a totally different person. It began the day I got mad at this white kid. Then, when I moved on to grades 6th – 8th, I became extra disrespectful towards people and my teachers.

Because of my behavior, when special events came around I wasn’t able attend them. I missed out on creating good memories of those opportunities in my life. So, listen to what I tell you and take it into your heart: “Think it all through, and don’t make poor choices in your life. The choices that we make in life can change it forever.”

Reese accessed our Writing for the Soul Workshop™ at J.D. Hall Learing Center. The J.D. Hall Learning Center at Rocky Crest serves a dual purpose in meeting the needs of students for whom the traditional educational setting provides challenges. The challenges that Reese was facing and his behavior is why he is currently attending  the school. Reese not only shared his story, but talked to us about those challenges. They include lack of resources to get what’s on the inside …out, and to earn money to become more self-reliant.

How you can help:

Simply download the eBook: ‘Stories of Hope’ which includes Reese’s story to enjoy from your favorite device. When you do, Reese earns $3.00. Our goal is to help him sell 2,500 downloads. Your purchase also ensures that participants like him can continue to access Writing for the Soul Workshop™ at no cost to them. During checkout, enter Coupon Code: reese26 to save $1.00!

About Stories of Hope:

Stories of Hope is a compilation of heart wrenching, and liberating short stories written by youth participating in Writing for the Soul Workshop™ around the world. Through a unique structure offering both engagement -and reward, this workshop brings education and passion together in a way that offers permanent life changing impact. As noted in the forward by educator Sarah Lankford, these unique and amazing individuals have received a rare opportunity to share a story they needed to share … and develop a love of writing as a result.



Soft Cover: $12.99
eBook: $9.99
Size: 6″ x 9″ (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
Color: Black & White on White paper
Page Count: 158 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1537368849
ISBN-10: 1537368842
BISAC: Nonfiction / Biography & Autobiography / General

Purchase a copy of the book or download the eBook and enjoy it from your favorite device today! Stay connected with updates from our workshops here in the United States on Facebook at: Writing for the Soul Workshop™ in North America.

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